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Expressions can be used in various places, such as:

  • set properties of create and update action
  • authorize rules
  • default values in fields and inputs
  • computed properties
  • select

Primitive values

computed five { 5 }
computed fiveStr { "five" }


computed fullName {
firstName + " " + lastName
computed isValidStatus {
status in ["active", "pending", "failed", "succeeded"]

Supported operators

  • + for string concatenation
  • +, -, /, *, a number arithmetics
  • and, or for boolean expressions
  • is, is not for comparison between values of a same type
  • in, not in, checks for existence of a value in an array of elements or records


computed charCount {

Supported functions

  • length, calculates a length of a string value
  • lower, lowercases a string value
  • upper, uppercases a string value
  • now, returns an integer - UNIX timestamp at the time of execution
  • stringify, turns anything into text using JSON serializer
  • count, returns a number of records in a collection
  • sum, sums a value of a column within a collection