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Quick start


Gaudi is published as a NPM package. To run it, you need the following software installed on your system:

  • Node.js v18+
  • PostgreSQL


New project

You can create new Gaudi project from scratch using create-gaudi-app tool.

To run create-gaudi-app you may choose one of the following methods:


npx create-gaudi-app@latest


npm create gaudi-app@latest


yarn create gaudi-app --latest

Interactive wizard will guide you through the process.

Supported templates

Gaudi supports the following templates:

  • Gaudi backend project - Gaudi backend, with TypeScript runtime
  • Gaudi backend with React+TS+Vite frontend - A full-stack setup with Gaudi backend, TypeScript runtime, and Vite/React/Typescript on the frontend

Existing project

You can run Gaudi alongside existing express project. To do this, install gaudi package:

npm install gaudi

and run Gaudi application standalone or integrate it into an existing application. See running Gaudi application for more details.

VSCode Extension

For the best developer experience use Gaudi VSCode Extension to add syntax highlighting, error reporting and other.

Gaudi VSCode extension is distributed via VSCode Marketplace so you can download it from there or install it directly from your VSCode.